The Sound Behind “Injustice for All” – a Joker film

Injustice for All [unauthorized Joker film] — (for mature audiences)


In early August, a project, on which I was pleased to contribute sound design, Foley, mixing and additional voices, hit the internet by storm.  Injustice for all is a “fan film”, which tells a new and original Joker origin story.  The story is an amazing mixture of drama, horror, dark comedy, and somehow… just somehow, a wretched, yet beautiful love story between Harley Quinn and “Mr. J”, the Joker.  It also features the characters Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen.  See the film’s credits here.

Pre-post production

When I was approached by the director, and my longtime buddy, Danny Mooney (director of Love and Honor), I was skeptical.  I’ve been approached by several people to do “fan films”.  These are usually “passion projects”, which essentially means “no budget”.  Ugh, I thought… Well, let me see a rough cut.

Blown. Away.

As soon as I watched it I told Danny we would work something out.  In giving my quote I broke down the post production timeline (dialogue edit, Foley, sound design, mixing, remixing, etc) into a number of days each would take – not something I usually do for a 20 minute short.  Then I slapped a pretty low dollar amount to each day to make sure it would fit their budget.  I knew this one would take some time to really craft the design, and nuance the mix.  Breaking the budget up into days and applying a day rate showed the producers, whom I had not worked with, that I knew what I was doing, and I knew what it took to get this project from raw production audio through a final mix.

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Life is good.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  Life has been wonderful, and has been moving at the speed of sound!

Soundopolis has been exploding this year.  But despite it being a “one-man-show” it wouldn’t have its success without my distributors:

And a big, huge, sonic-boom of a shout out to Paul Virostek at Airborne Sound and  Paul has been hugely supportive of the independent sound effects scene – and not just to his own benefit.  He is constantly helping others with advice, and promoting their services through his blog.  Check it out here.  He recently had a series called, “A Month of Field Recordists”, in which he interviewed a bunch of location and sfx recordists, myself included.  They discussed and reviewed their gear, giving pros and cons to different setups for different situations, whether they are recording dialogue, ambiences, guns, whatever!  Pretty awesome stuff there!

More coming soon.  I just need to catch my breath!

Free Sound Effects Competition @

Sonniss SS Cropped

Soundopolis has partnered with, as well as a bunch of other SFX producers, to bring you the biggest SFX Competition EVER!

Over $8,400 in value, over 200 high-quality sound effects libraries weighing in at almost 200GB are up for grab to two very lucky people!

Soundopolis has generously included all 14 libraries that they offer on, worth over $700!

So, go sign up and good luck!

Click HERE to go to the competition!

Combat Bundle @

Combat Bundle 720x233 ALT


Soundopolis has bundled 3 libraries together and offered them to you at a 15% discount!

Combat Bundle is comprised of “Blades”, “Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing”, and “Gore Toolkit HD”. Buy all three together and save 15%!

Audio Files: 251
Audio Clips: 1373
Size: 902 MB unzipped
Format: WAV
Fidelity: mix 48k/96k – 24bit
Channels: mix of MON and ST

Check out the product page for all of the details:

Soundopolis Releases “Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing”

Whoosh Ninja 01 Words 06_720

Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing is a large collection of 315 “whipping” sounds made by various objects including golf clubs, swords, spatulas, fishing poles, cloth, and much more. These sounds are essential to a good fight or sports scene, as body parts, weapons, or flying objects whip around the screen!

Some sounds in this collection were made by blowing across a pop-filter placed in front of a microphone. This allows you to customize your own, much slower whooshing sounds to fit any given situation. Try it yourself!

Check out the library HERE!

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Soundopolis releases “Foley Plus”!

Foley Banner Stuff_Words 05

Soundopolis has released its latest library!

Foley Plus is a massive collection of sounds taken from my personal sound library and Pro Tools sessions. The sounds were precisely edited, mastered, and arranged. Finally, each file was infused with rich metadata descriptions and tags, so they can be easily found using any kind of search engine, whether it be Finder, SoundMiner, or any search engine within your preferred editing software.

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Making a Sound Design Portfolio?

Making sound design portfolios is a lengthy process.  There is quite a bit to consider before you release a teaser reel.  Now, I’m no expert, and I honestly don’t like making a reel of my work.   The first bit of trouble is that I’m always waiting 6 months to a year from the time I finish a project before I can put a clip of it into my reel.  There are usually several reasons for having to wait: the film could be going through the film festival circuit, they’re looking for distribution, whatever.  Either way, they sometimes don’t want little bits of the movie to be shown, which could give away plot points.  Some filmmakers don’t want anyone to watch anything other than the whole movie – until they make money on it.

Anywho, by then, I’ve done a lot of other projects.  Also, by then, I’m already better at what I do.  I’ve learned new skills, learned new pieces of software and plug-ins, found new recording gear, discovered new tools, etc.  So, really, even my latest reel is already a little outdated…

I digress.  If you’re looking to make your own sound design reel consider a few things:

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