Life is good.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted.  Life has been wonderful, and has been moving at the speed of sound!

Soundopolis has been exploding this year.  But despite it being a “one-man-show” it wouldn’t have its success without my distributors:

And a big, huge, sonic-boom of a shout out to Paul Virostek at Airborne Sound and  Paul has been hugely supportive of the independent sound effects scene – and not just to his own benefit.  He is constantly helping others with advice, and promoting their services through his blog.  Check it out here.  He recently had a series called, “A Month of Field Recordists”, in which he interviewed a bunch of location and sfx recordists, myself included.  They discussed and reviewed their gear, giving pros and cons to different setups for different situations, whether they are recording dialogue, ambiences, guns, whatever!  Pretty awesome stuff there!

More coming soon.  I just need to catch my breath!