Soundopolis, LLC

David Fienup (pronounced “fee-nup”) started Soundopolis, LLC in 2012, which is an all-encompassing brand for his work in sound recording, editing, sound effects sales, and much more.  Soundopolis is a Registered Trademark in multiple classes with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


The Soundopolis logo (above) was envisioned by Fienup, and created by Jack Carder (

While David is the sole-proprietor of Soundopolis, he often sub-contracts from his group of highly-trained and experienced sound engineers when a task requires multiple participants.

Sound Effects

soundopolis_squarish_vertices is David Fienup’s sound effects distribution website.  Here you can purchase sound effects collections, and download FREE sound effects!  Collections range from $5 to $150 depending on the size and scope of the library.  All collections are sold at a minimum of 48k/24bit.  HD denotes a 96k/24bit  library.  Please see the website for details about each library, including preview tracks and track lists.

Collections include:


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